20 of The Hottest 2021 Wedding Trends

See what's in store for 2021 weddings!

Following trends is a really fun part of our job, but wedding trends look a little different these days, as couples and suppliers continue to repond to the challenges of wedding planning around Covid-19. While we still can't say when weddings as we once knew them will return, there’s one thing we do know for sure: 2021 weddings will be celebrations, not just of love, but of reunion and recovery. We're already seeing lots of inspiring 2021 wedding trends emerge, as restrictions at weddings are counteracted with statement florals, bold bridal style and thoughtful decor. With equal measures of maximalism and minimalism, we can't wait to share our favourite 2021 wedding trends with you!

1. The #microwedding

Micro weddings are defined as those with a guest list of up to 30 guests. Whether it's due to budget constraints, having a two-part wedding, or simply wanting to scale back to just the few family and friends the couple can’t live without, the #microwedding will be huge in 2021. Most importantly of all, they also allow the bride and groom to spend quality time with each and every guest – just one of the reasons for its surging popularity.

Ultimate Gray - Pantone's Colour of the Year | One Fab Day

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2. Pantone's Colour of the Year

This year, Pantone have chosen 2 shades as their 'Colour of the Year' - Ultimate Gray (a soft grey) and Illuminating (a vibrant yellow). Pantone describes them as, "two independent colors that highlight how different elements come together to support one another", and we think they're perfect jumping-off points for floral or decor mood boards! Not only do they compliment each other beautifully, but they both look great alongside lush greenery!

3. Bold Bridal Style

Going by some of the incredible bridal style we've seen in the past year, we imagine lots of 2021 brides are going to go bold for their wedding looks. With lots of throw-out-the-rule-book bridal styles coming through, such as brides in colour and short dresses paired with long veils, to having fun with accessories and footwear, we're set to see lots of epic non-traditional bridal looks in 2021.

DIY Wedding Decor | 20 of The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2021 | One Fab Day

DIY and Photo by One Fab Day

DIY Wedding Decor | 20 of The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2021 | One Fab Day

DIY and Photo by Lia Griffith via liagriffith.com

4. DIY Wedding Decor

DIY wedding decor is back! A trend that has wavered in popularity over the past couple of years has returned with a bang, as 2021 couples craft meaningful and creative wedding decor with all the skills they've learned in lockdown!

5. Romantic Garden Weddings

Romantic, back-garden weddings at home and weddings at venues with enchanted gardens will be huge this summer as couples take advantage of the fresh air and wide open spaces.

20 of The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2021 | One Fab Day

Photo by Paula O'Hara via Instagram

6. Colourful Palettes

Bold colour palettes and warmer tones are going to be huge and replace the traditional blush and ivory palette. Expect the new year to bring about fresh pops of colour, creative palettes, colour-clashing, print mixing, and statement hues that weddings haven't seen before.

7. City Hall Chic Bridal Style

2021 will see a huge surge in city hall weddings with many couples opting for intimate, micro and two-part weddings, and brides are using their 'little big day' to make seriously big fashion statements! From short and sweet dresses, to suits and jumpsuits, we're looking forward to seeing more 'city hall chic' bridal looks coming through in our real weddings this year!

8. Shop Local

We're seeing lots more couples choose to support Ireland's incredible network of wedding suppliers, bridal boutiques and independent businesses and work with suppliers close to home. Our post on sustainable wedding ideas has more information on how you can do the same!

20 of The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2021 | One Fab Day

Event Design by Paloma Cruz Eventos | Photo by Pablo Laguia via pablolaguia.com

9. Fairytale Lighting

When the sun sets, the lights come on, be it an indoor or outdoor wedding reception, lights can set the tone and mood for your evening. Therefore, it’s no surprise that one of the top wedding trends of the year is fairytale lighting. We'll see all sorts of dreamy, unique statement lighting options in 2021, including exposed bulbs, festoon and string light installations to mix-and-match vintage chandeliers and classic fairy lights.

 10. Technology in Weddings

Whether it's attending a zoom hen party, sending e-vites, shooting your engagement shoot virtually (yes, really!), live-streaming your day, viewing venues virtually, or attending virtual bridal appointments, technology will play a pivotal role in 2021 weddings. Wedding photography and videography will also be more important than ever before, as couples choosing to have smaller weddings share their day with those who can not be there.

Grandmillennial wedding decor | 20 of The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2021 | One Fab Day

Photo by Mrs Alice via Instagram

11. Old-School Decor

Dust off your granny's wedding china and grab those embroidered floral napkins from the attic, because vintage is back, but in a whole new way. We're spotting tables showcasing granny-chic-chintz-meets-English-country-garden vibes and we are here for it! Think chintz china, ditsy floral table cloths, embroidered ribbons, and vintage glassware - anything that rebels against the sleek, modern-look wedding. This unique wedding style also has no fear of colour whatsoever. For more examples, check out the #grandmillennial hashtag on Instagram!

13. Weddings at Home

For 2021 couples, home really is where the heart is, with more couples choosing to celebrate their nuptials at home. Whether it's your childhood home, where so many family memories have already been made, or your own home, where new memories are forging, a wedding at home is a beautiful but labour-intensive option. Preparing for your at-home celebration is a huge undertaking, and one that means a lot of hands-on supplier coordination and organisation, but our handy marquee wedding price guide is a great place to start, as well as our preferred suppliers, Maverick MarqueesSilk Road Tents, and Magnakata, who can all help you bring your dream wedding at home to life.

15. Alternative Hen Party & Stag Party Celebrations

Whether it's small dinner celebrations, zoom hen 'dos, online stag get togethers, or, Airbnb getaways with your nearest and dearest when restrictions are lifted, pre-wedding events are going to look a little different this year!

Sustainability | 20 of The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2021 | One Fab Day

Plantable Wedding Menu and Photo by on Etsy

16. Sustainability

While sustainability shouldn't be a trend, it will feature heavily in 2021 wedding plans, with couples plumbing for more low-waste options. Whether it's Irish-grown blooms, looking for more sustainable fashion ideas, or learning how to cut back on unnecessary flower and decor waste, searches for sustainable wedding options are continually on the rise.

17. Colourful Suits for Grooms

Just as brides are set to surprise us with new and unique looks, 2021 grooms are set to blow us away, too! Whether it's adding a personal flair to a traditional tux, or going all out with colour, pattern or texture, we're seeing grooms get creative with their suits and accessories.

18. Leaning Into Change

Social distancing, masks, hand sanitiser, and limited guest counts—with lots of new measures in place to keep their guests safe, couples are leaning into these changes and embracing them as opportunities for creativity and innovation. Masks customised to suit the couple and their bridal parties style, individual hand-sanitisers as favours, and thoughtful signage ideas for smaller guest-lists, the possibilities are endless!

Flowers and Foliage Galore! 20 of The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2021 | One Fab Day

Photo by Paula O'Hara via Instagram

19. Flowers and Foliage Galore

Between massive bouquets and epic floral installations, there is definitely going to be an abundance of flowers and foliage in 2021 weddings, as couples long to bring the outside in and blur the lines between outdoor and indoor spaces. Wedding flower choices are also getting very interesting for 2021 with florists seeing more of a demand for colourful and unusual blooms such as orchids and anthuriums.

20. Small Wedding Cakes With a Big Impact

During a time when some traditions have to be altered to prioritise safety, couples appreciate a part of the wedding that doesn't have to be changed, and the wedding cake is one such tradition. With intimate gatherings on the rise, brides and grooms who want the traditional cake-cutting experience can enjoy can enjoy the special moment with a smaller, but no less beautiful confection of one or two tiers. 

Pssst! Don't worry if there isn't something here that makes your heart sing! Feel free to blaze the trail with your own one-of-a-kind wedding details, and watch the world follow in your trendy footsteps!

Get more unique ideas for your big day here.

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